martes, enero 12, 2010

you can do anything you want in life,
just dont get caught"

Dedicado a: Juan Shitoh WatáFáck, my Son..

=D un Abraso para el que me sorprenda
Te sorpendo.
=D un beso para el que me quiera
Te quiero mucho
y mi corazon para el que me ame
Te amo
=D no lo rompan ;)
no, no lo rompo.

1. Do not trust those that do not create, those that buy their creativity from the media, the advertiser, the
corporation, the church or the state; Put all resources in those that promote and propagate your personal

2. Nothing can be more powerful than one’s imagination, it is your instinct and right; never doubt this.

3. Use your power of creativity against the power and authority of compliance; they have waged a war on you
and they will continue to enslave you with it if you remain passive.

4. The only power is the power of creating, we all can create because we are the creator; always create.

5. We have become a civilization fueled by logic and consumption of consumer goods and in the process we have
sacrificed our instincts, our ability to trust ourselves and our ability to create; we must find our way back, we
must create our way forward.

6. The age of reason has lost its purpose and our ability to be creative has been discouraged, trivialized,
suppressed and stolen from us. We can no longer listen or trust the people of authority that tell us our
creativity is childish, impractical, insignificant and unnecessary. Make a mockery of them and always laugh.
Humor can create, humor will destroy!

7. These people of authority confuse their positions with power but the only power they have is the power we
give them; turn your back on them and create your own way.

by:Steven Johnson Leyba is an artist, painter, performance artist, and musician

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Liliana Lucki dijo...

Maravillosos trabajos.

Atractivo,singular e imaginativo.

Me encanta !!!Saludo desde MDQ,Liliana