viernes, enero 05, 2007

One Good Man
Honey, I love to go to parties
And I like to have a good time,
But if it gets too pale after a while
Honey and I start looking to find
One good man.
Hmm, don’t you know I’ve been searching,
Oh yes I have!
One good man,
Oh ain’t much, honey ain’t much,
It’s only everything, whoa.

An’ I don’t want much outa life,
I never wanted a mansion in the South.
I just-a want to find someone sincere
Who’d treat me like he talks,
One good man.
Oh honey don’t you know that I’ve been looking.
Oh, one good man
Ain’t much, honey it ain’t much,
Oh, it’s only everything.
All right.

Some girls they want to collect their men,
They wear ’em like notches on a gun.
Oh honey, but I know better than that,
I know that a woman only needs one.
One good man, oh,
Oh baby don’t you know I’ve been looking, hmm.
One good man,
It ain’t much, no, no honey it ain’t much,
Oh, it’s only every little thing,
Just-a everything, everything
Ah yeah.
Janis Joplin

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mharía vázquez benarroch dijo...

Siempre hay que recordarla,porque fue pasión y su ronco acento de dolor borda sublica cada summertime repetido.
Una copa de vino frutal y seco en tu nombre artecomestible.
Gracias por entrar a mi casa-blog, eres siempre bienvenida.

Insanity dijo...

Janis Joplin
Su voz como rompiendo el alma; como abriéndose camino rumbo a quien sabe dónde...
Gracias, por este post.

Conste, no se inglés.